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Haggis & Puddings

Haggis & Puddings

All our haggis and puddings are made to our own recipes with a unique blend of special ingredients to ensure a delicious product every time. A fantastic range of products to enjoy on their own or to enhance any dish. 

Black Pudding

Our very own Black Pudding made with some special ingredients. Great in a breakfast roll, as part of a traditional cooked breakfast or used to stuff meat such as chicken or steak.

Available in a pack 4 slices, half stick or whole stick - select from pull down menu


Our Haggis is made with great attention to detail by our butchers to create a consistent product which is full of flavour with a wee kick at the end. Haggis is extremely versatile and can be used in breakfasts or stuffing among other uses, not forgetting a traditional Haggis, Neeps & Tatties!

White Pudding

The traditional oatmeal pudding makes a fantastic stuffing or a welcome addition to the breakfast plate.

Available in a pack of 4 slices or a whole stick - select from the pull down menu

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