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Juicy Jacob Lamb

Juicy Jacob Lamb

One of the leanest, low fat and most delicious meats on the market after rabbit and venison, Juicy Jacob Lamb is so tender that it melts in the mouth. This succulent meat is low in cholesterol as well as a high in quality protein when measured up to other red meats. 

Greek Passion Lamb Kebab

Juicy chunks of Lamb marinated in a mix of herbs and spices then skewered. Ideal on the BBQ or under the grill.

Pack of 4

Lambs Liver

Lambs liver. 250g pack

Boneless Lamb Chump Chop

A steak which comes from the lower back of the lamb. A great grill steak which is juicy and tender.


Bone in Lamb Gigot Chop

Cut from the leg, Gigot Chops are great under the grill or on the barbecue.


Single Loin Lamb Chop

Single loin chops or cutlets as they are sometimes called are cut from the rack to make individual portions. These are used in many classic lamb dishes.


Double Loin Lamb Chop

Like the T-Bone steak in beef this cut offers you the loin as well as the fillet on the bone. Full of flavour and melt in your mouth!


Lamb Leg on the Bone

A delicious leg of lamb still on the bone. A great roasting joint ideal with a garlic and rosemary crust!

Leg of Lamb - Boned & Rolled

A juicy leg of lamb which our butchers expertly ‘tunnel bone’ to leave the leg still complete but with the bone removed for easy carving.

Lamb Shoulder – Boneless

A lovely roasting joint which benefits from longer slower cooking than the leg.

Rack of Lamb

Beautiful French trimmed racks of Lamb look great on the table and taste delicious. An elegant cut which never fails to impress!

3 ribs approx 270g

Lamb Mini Roast

A small joint of lamb cut from the leg using traditional seam cutting techniques. These are tender joints which can be roasted but are also great in a hotpot.


Diced Lamb

Tasty hand cut chunks of lamb which makes great casseroles and stews. Alternatively, why not skewer them to make your own lamb kebabs?


Lamb Mince

Lean minced lamb which will go into a traditional Shepherd’s Pie, Meatballs or you very own Lamb Burgers.


Lamb Shank

Fore Leg Shanks. A great slow cooking cut which has become very fashionable in restaurants in recent years. Great when cooked for a long time until the meat just falls away from the bone. Approx 300g each.

Lamb Shoulder Steak

Steaks cut from the Rolled Shoulder of Lamb which are ideal for a hearty stew. 500g pack.

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