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Meat Boxes and Hampers

Meat Boxes and Hampers

Our range of specially created meat boxes and hampers have been chosen carefully to give the best quality and price. We have tried to create packs that would suit many different occasions in many family demographics. All boxes are freshly prepared on ordering with contents individually vacuum packed for your convenience.

Buff Up Protein Pack

Designed for athletes, bodybuilder and lovers of protein, our Buff Up Protein Pack has got the lot. 

Clean Living Meat Pack

Fresh and lean for weight watchers and healthy eaters.
2 x 500g Lean Steak Mince
500g Diced Chicken Breast
450g Butchers Choice Sausages
300g Minute Steak
2 x 6oz/170g Extra Lean Pork Loin Steak
- Or go deluxe for £30 - add 2 x 6oz/170g Sirloin Steaks!

Butchers Award Winning Pack

After our success at the 2015 Scottish Craft Butchers Association's awards, we are giving you the chance to get your hands on our award winning products at an extra special price

Fife Farmed Venison Meat Pack

4 x 6oz/170g Venison Haunch Steaks
450g Venison Sausages
500g Venison Mince
8 x 50g Venison Meatballs
500g Diced Venison

Cook's Larder

1 x 3lb Whole Fresh Chicken
500g Steak Mince
4 x 6oz/170g Pork Loin Steaks
4 x large Chicken Fillets
450g Pork Sausages
1 large Steak Pie

Super Suppers

4 x 6oz/170g Lamb Chump Chop
4 x 8oz/227g Gammon Steak
1 Family Steak Pie
500g Beef Stir Fry Strips
4 x Large Chicken Fillets

Buffalo Taster Box

4 x 4oz/113g Buffalo Steak Burger
2 x 8oz/227g Buffalo Sirloin Steak
500g Buffalo Mince
500g Buffalo Stew
450g Buffalo Breakfast Sausages

Weekend Breakfast Pack

400g Unsmoked Back Bacon
6 Free Range Boglily Eggs
4 x 100g slices Lorne Sausage
4 x 90g slices Black Pudding
4 x 90g slices Haggis
1 pack 6 Tattie Scones

BBQ Party Pack

25 x 4oz Buffalo Steak Burger
2.5kg AA Steak Sausage (approximately 60 sausages)
1kg Beef Minute Steak
20 Indian Mystery Chicken Kebab

Bought separately, these products would cost you £80.95 - NOW ONLY £70.00

Chicken 5 Kilo Tub

Our 5kilo premium chicken tub contains 22-24 large chicken fillets. Delicious and full of flavour, these  fantastic chicken breasts are perfect for healthy eating, diets and athletes

Only available for collection from Boglily or for home delivery

Family BBQ Pack with Steaks

4 x 4oz Buffalo Steak Burger
1lb Pork Sausages
4 x 5oz Beef Rump Steak
4 x 5oz Marinaded Pork Loin Steak

Bought separately £23.50 buy as pack for £21.00

Trim & Tasty Extra Lean Slimmers Pack

Our Trim & Tasty Extra Lean Slimmers Pack has landed! Filled with delicious extra lean meat (perfect for Simming World and other slimming plans) our pack includes the following:

Pick N Mix Pack

Any 5 items for £20 or 8 items for £30 from our new Pick n Mix list! 

Family BBQ Pack with Kebabs

4 x 4oz Buffalo Steak Burger
1lb Pork Sausages
4 Greek Passion Lamb Kebabs
4 Indian Mystery Chicken Kebabs

Bought separately £18.00 buy as pack for £15.95

Steak Lover's Box

2 x 8oz/227g Buffalo Fillet Steak
2 x 10oz/285g Buffalo Ribeye Steak
2 x 10oz/285g Beef Sirloin Steak
2 x 6oz/170g Beef Rump Steak
2 x 6oz/170g Venison Haunch Steak

Buffalo Farm Speciality Pack

2 x 500g Buffalo Mince
2 x 8oz/227g Buffalo Rump Steak
2 x individual Steak and Gravy Pies
4 x 90g Slices Black Pudding

Easy Dinners

4 x 8oz/227g Gammon Steak
4 Greek Passion Lamb Kebab Skewers
500g Chicken Stir Fry Strips
300g Thinly Sliced Beef Minute Steak
4 Indian Mystery Chicken Kebab Skewers
450g Steak Sausages

All Things Dice!

500g Diced Beef Stewing Steak
500g Diced Buffalo Stewing Steak
500g Diced Lamb Shoulder
500g Diced Chicken
500g Diced Pork

Mince and Stew Box

6 x 500g Beef Steak Mince
4 x 500g Hand Diced Beef Stewing Steak

Chicken Fillets Mega Pack

Versatile fresh chicken breast fillets.

20 fillets, approx 225g each, packed in twos for your convienience or easy freezing.

Half Lamb Box

1.5kg Lamb Leg Bone In
4 Chump Chops
Flank for soup
6 Double Loin Chops
6 Single Loin Chops
1.5kg Rolled Shoulder
500g Diced Lamb
500g Mince Lamb

Mega Family BBQ Pack

8 x 4oz Buffalo Steak Burger
2lb Pork Sausages
4 Greek Passion Lamb Kebabs
4 Indian Mystery Chicken Kebabs
4 x 5oz Beef Rump Steak
4 x 5oz Marinaded Pork Loin Steak

Bought separately £41.50 - NOW ONLY £35.00

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