Introducing Fife Venison

Introducing Fife Venison

Posted by Euan Sinclair

1st September 2015

Introducing Buffalo Farm Prime Venison 

If you love venison, then you are going to love our fantastic new Buffalo Farm Prime Venison range.

You will probably know that venison is one of the few red meats which is healthier than Buffalo as well as being a good source of iron, vitamins and low in saturated fats! 

But what you may not know about venison is the difference between Wild Venison and Farmed Venison.

The main issue with Wild Venison is that we can’t be sure of the age of the animal which can sometimes mean the Venison has a strong gamey flavour.

With Farmed Venison, we are absolutely certain the meat is prime condition which means the flavour is possibly a little lighter.

But most importantly we can guarantee a consistently tender and juicy meat – well what else would you would expect from the Buffalo Farm.

If you haven’t tried Venison, then you simply have to give it a go. It has a light, versatile flavour which means it can be easily substituted where you might use beef or lamb.  

And to celebrate the launch, we are introducing all 6 of our fantastic venison products at a special discounted price! Click the links below to find out more about each cut!

Boneless Loin - Only £31.50/kg

Rolled Haunch - Only £16.50/kg

Haunch Steaks - Only £16.50/kg

Diced Venison - Only £14.00/kg

Minced Venison - Only £12.75/kg

Stir-Fry Strips - Only £6.90/300g pack


To view our full selection, click here.