Meet Maurizio - Our Product Development Director

Meet Maurizio - Our Product Development Director

Posted by df

23rd February 2018

We are delighted to introduce you to Maurizio!

Since joining The Buffalo Farm team in October 2017, Maurizio has been busy getting our Mozzarella Project up and running! And now that the wheels are in motion and we are patiently wait for planning to progress, he has taken on the role of Product Development Director, and we are incredibly excited to taste some new Italian inspired flavours coming into our product range.

Maurizio started his career working in the Grande Hotel in Rome, gaining a traditional training from cooking maestro, Chef Pigani.  The restaurant he enjoyed working in was considered one of the best in the world with some very high-profile customers, from Presidents to AC-DC to Princess Diana. 

He moved to Scotland in 1984, with his first job being in Get Stuffed on Rose Street, cutting and cooking Steaks, a job he loved! He then progressed to open his own restaurant in 1988, which was voted by Peter Irvine Scotland as the Best Italian Restaurant in 1993, with many well-known faces choosing to eat there including The Proclaimers, Gregor Fisher, and Elaine C Smith to name a few.

He has collaborated through the years with many chefs and restaurants, including Gary McLean, Scotland’s first National Chef and winner of MasterChef the professionals.  He has also had a lot of experience developing new products and recipes.

Before coming to The Buffalo Farm, his role involved importing and distributing Italian products throughout Scotland, with a long-term ambition to produce mozzarella in Scotland. And with his passion for food and flavours, it is a bit of a dream come true for him to be involved with us and our exciting future plans. 

To celebrate his first new product, The Buffalo Tuscan Burger, we are offering a special February Favourites pack of 4 Tuscan Burgers, a pack of our Buffalo, Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato Sausages (new and improved by Maurizio), and a pack of our award-winning pork sausages (just because they are so tasty).  Available to buy on our website or at Boglily Steading, all products available separately. 

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