Turkey and Turkey Crown Cooking Instructions

We've taken this information directly from Copas, they are certainly the people to ask about all things turkey. Cooking times and instructions would of course work for any of the delicious turkeys we sell.

Copas website


Remove our traceability wing label (if present) & place your turkey, breast side down in a roasting tin. (Cooking breast side down until the last half hour keeps the breast meat succulent while the brown meat cooks evenly). There is no need to use butter or bacon on a Copas Turkey.
Quarter a peeled onion & a cored Cox's apple. Place both in the body cavity of the turkey.
If stuffing your turkey, fill the neck cavity only & recalculate your total cooking time to include the extra weight of the stuffing. Stuffing can also be cooked separately, but we do not recommend stuffing the body cavity.
Insert your pop-up cooking timer at a point approx 3cm to the right or left of the front tip of the breastbone. The timer should not touch any bone.
Sprinkle salt & pepper over the turkey & cover with foil.
Cooking – Turkey or Crown

Conventional or Fan Oven
Follow our PREPARATION tips & pre-heat the oven to 230°C/450°F/Gas 8 (or 210°C for fan ovens). Cook your turkey at this temperature for the first 30 mins & then lower the oven temperature to 190°C/375°F/Gas 5 (or 170°C for fan ovens). Total cooking time will be approximately 30-35 mins per kg.
Approximately 30mins before the full cooking time, remove foil & turn the bird over carefully, using poultry forks, so the breast bronzes.

Weight Full Cooking Time
2kg  1hr 15mins  
3kg  1hr 45mins
4kg  2hr 35mins
5kg  2hr 55mins
6kg  3hr 15mins
7kg  3hr 40mins
8kg  4hrs
9kg  4hr 25mins
10kg  4hr 45mins
11kg  5hrs
Do not overcook your turkey - it should be moist & succulent. It will be ready when the juices run clear when tested with a fork (plunge into the deepest part of the thigh or breast), or when your pop-up cooking timer has popped! If using a thermometer, the internal cooked temperature will be 165°F/74°C.

Aga Oven
For a 2-door Aga, follow the cooking times above using the top roasting oven only. For a 4-door Aga, follow the cooking times using the top roasting oven for the first 30 mins & then move to the baking oven for the remainder of the cooking.

These instructions should be used as a guideline only. Cooking times will vary according to the weight of turkey, methods used (e.g. not using foil will reduce cooking times) & your oven type.