Bothy Chicken Sweet & Sour

Bothy Chicken Sweet & Sour

Succulent Chicken cooked in a crispy corn flour and sesame coating served in a Chinese style sweet & sour sauce.

550g - Serves two


So tasty! Love the sauce. 
One portion would easily do two people. 
Definitely having this again, can totally recommend! 

by gillian waddell [view]

Really tasty. Had this between 2 with some rice and there was more than enough for each. 

Pity it is not on sale all the time. Very enjoyable. 

by Kyra Beath [view]

Had this for dinner.with rice. Would happily serve 3 adults. Really tasty. Heated it in the microwave and it worked great, it didn't dry up. Chicken was lovely and moist.with a great flavour. Would definitely buy again.

by Amy Cunningham [view]

*Please note this is a cooked product which only requires reheating*.
For best results, reheat in your oven.  
Preheat oven to 180c fan.
Place tray on a baking sheet and place sheet in the centre of the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes.
Ensure the dish is piping hot throughout before serving.
This dish can also be heated on the hob or in a microwave.
Hob - Empty contents into a shallow pan and heat slowly at a low temperature until piping hot throughout.
Microwave - Empty contents into microwaveable dish and heat for 3 minutes., stirring halfway through, ensuring the chicken is piping hot throughout before serving.

Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of purchase. If freezing freeze on day of receipt.

Ingredients: Chicken(50%), EGG, Cornflour, Onion, Red Chillies, Ginger, Black Bean Sauce (SOY sauce(Water, Salt, SOYBEANS, WHEAT Flour), Fermented Black Beans (Black Beans (SOYBEANS), Salt, Water), Sugar, Water, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Salted Chilli Peppers, Ginger, SOYBEAN Oil, Anchovy (FISH) Extract, Rice Wine (Water, Rice, WHEAT), Modified Corn Starch), SESAME Oil, SESAME Seeds, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Fennel, Black Pepper, Clove, Tomato Puree, Salt, Sugar.

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