Macaroni & Pepperoni Pizza Pie - Pack of 2

Macaroni & Pepperoni Pizza Pie - Pack of 2

A twist on one of our favourite pies. 

Our delicious macaroni cheese, topped with slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. 

A great flavour combination which is best served hot

Sold as a pack of two individual pies. 


These are lovely. The Mac and cheese is really creamy and pepperoni has lovely strong flavour. Will buy these again. 

by Rachel [view]

These are surprisingly good. I say surprisingly as I am a steak pie person through and through. Yes, I like macaroni cheese. Yes, I like pepperoni. But something has to be top notch to rank alongside the Buffalo Farm steak pie. So I thought these might be an occasional alternative. I'm afraid that 2 pies later I had to admit that I loved it (them!) and will definitely be ordering again.

A nice, creamy cheese sauce with the tang of the pepperoni plays against the slightly crumbly pastry texture really well. Welcomingly the sauce has been properly seasoned - no bland, barely cheese-tasting liquid here. A good, tasty, balanced sauce to bring the ingredients together.

Well done guys - a winner!

by Iain McKenzie [view]

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Reheating Guidelines
Remove from wrapper and place in a preheated oven at 180’c / Gas 4-5 for 15-20 minutes.(If frozen defrost thoroughly before reheating).  Individual ovens may vary, ensure piping hot throughout before serving.

Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of purchase. If freezing freeze on day of receipt.

Ingredients: Macaroni(Water, Durum WHEAT, Semolina, EGG), Water, Cheese(MILK), Butter(MILK), Plain Flour, MILK, Cream(MILK),  Pastry(WHEATflour, L-asorbic acid, E300, Pastry margarine, Vegetable Oil(not hydrogenated), Emulsifier(E471), Salt, Water, Pepper, Mozzarella Cheese(MILK), Pepperoni(Pork Meat, Pork Fat, Salt, Dextrose, Spices, Pork Rind, Spice Extracts, Antioxidant (E301, E392), Garlic Powder, Herbs, Starter Culture, Preservative (E250), Acidity Regulator (E330). Made with 122g pork per 100g finished product.

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