Rabbie's Gourmet Condiments

Rabbie's Gourmet Condiments

A selection of our favourite condiments from Uncle Roy.  Ideal to complement your burns night supper.

Rabbie's Haggis Sauce - An alternative to the traditional cream based sauces, this is made with redcurrants, horseradish and malt whisky. An ideal accompaniment to your haggis or any meat.

Rabbie's Ayshire Chuckle - A delicious mild mustard relish, ideal for use with any meat, poultry, cheese or sandwich also great as a dip.

Rabbie's Ayshire Relish - Fruity with a hint of chilli.  Ideal in sandwiches, burgers or as a dipping sauce or dressing.

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Stir before use - Store refridgerated once open

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